Garage Door Problems? Answers By Professionals!

Do you have garage door problems? Many homeowners experience issues with their garage doors, but don’t know the source of the problem. Look through our FAQ and your questions may be asked on this page. If not, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you!

Broken springs render your garage door temporarily inoperable.

That means you can’t secure your car and tools. Furthermore, your home or business becomes vulnerable and could result in theft. Contact us for immediate spring replacement or any other garage door problems you’re experiencing, so your door can be operational once again. We can help secure your property.

The best garage door opener to install depends on your needs as the property owner. It, therefore, means that no answer is wrong or right. You should, however, consult garage door experts, so you pick one that matches and complements your property. We are ready to help you choose one.


For safety, reliability and quiet operation, it’s recommended that you get garage door tune-up services annually. Don’t ignore your garage door problems, as they can arise to bigger issues in the near future. As a result, we offer such services and always advise all our esteemed clients in Los Angeles, CA to subscribe to such services. With tune-ups, your garage door will be easy to operate and last for many years.



A garage door that can’t open is an indication that some parts are damaged, and, therefore, repair/replacement services are desirable. With simple fixes, it can be put back to its right working condition. Call our able team of garage door professionals for repairs on your garage door problems on the same day. We’ll inspect and fix all damage parts.


Well, there are many factors that we consider when determining the prices to charge our clients for the products and services we offer them. You can, however, rest assured that our prices are the lowest. We’ll agree on everything before starting the work, and there are no hidden or surprise costs.



Yes, we can help you get a new garage door and install it. We can also help you install any brand you want. The common ones we come across include concrete, wood, steel, aluminum, mid-century, fiberglass and glass doors among others. We’ll help you pick one that’s the best and install it for you.



Yes, we offer gate services. Our team can install, repair, replace and maintain any gate type. We provide multiple gate services, and some of the gates we deal with include overhead, swing, barrier, vertical pivot, residential, commercial and driveway gates among other types.



Yes, programming is among the services we offer in Los Angeles, CA, and surrounding cities. We can help you with your garage today, so you do not have to step out of your car to open or close the garage. We can do the programming now, so you forget such hassles and enjoy opening and closing your garage.

We Service, Repair & Install All Brands
We offer repair, maintenance and installation for all major brands of Electric gates equipment.